Anonymous: wait ru the guy with the huge afro that goes to princeton or middlesex or something (something like that..dnt rly remember the name)? or is that ur frind? 

Not a clue what you’re talking about or referring to haha I got curly hair, but it’s definitely not an afro! And the only time I was in Princeton was the hospital for volunteering and I’ve never been to Middlesex (if you’re referring to the college) I’m in Rutgers at the moment lol so I think you got the wrong guy :p but it’s nice to meet you!

Anonymous: awww no garba? :( well good luck with college stuff! and just enjoy and do something nice next weekend :) dont stress too much! 

Thank you :D and I’ve been going to other events for charity and stuff like that to help out my sister’s club so I’ve been enjoying my time partying with those groups!

Anonymous: gotta change your bio thing now ;) you're out of your teens! way to go bro 

Aha shit I forgot about that! Damn now I feel old haha but thank you for that ^_^