Relapsing while I’m trying to live my life and the nostalgic feeling lingers over my mind shrouding it from the truth that I miss you and that I crave something more. These unchanging and unbearable thoughts about the past and my future overrun my already crowded mind making me emotionally weak fearing the worst: that I can’t keep up with the changes and that I’ll fall behind and fail. Contemplating these ideas of self improvement and detachment from the dead weights that seem to be holding me back I ponder and waste my life away avoiding the present situations that face me. Unable to concentrate and unable to block out these vicious feelings that eat away at my core I silently wait and wish for my next big moment and for my time to shine. I pass through the days as they come and go unfazed by commotions and interactions that occur around me. I have a craving and urge for excitement and thrill and a burning desire that calls me to relive my adventurous days as a child. My only battles being with the limits of my imagination and the strength of my willpower to stay awake longer into the nights to enrich myself with new knowledge and amaze my little mind with tales of far away mystical lands and powers far beyond my comprehension. My only concerns about enjoyment and lighthearted games and activities with my friends. I still feel this passion and the intensity to become something great and become someone that does great things, but I feel that other factors hinder this motivation and my progress is set back to it’s roots. Climbing higher and higher as I grow into an adult, but I have the peak rising with my dreams and goals. I have come to realize that this sense of disorganized mental thoughts combined with my subconscious thoughts have lead me to insanity, but a veil of love and truth has aided me in remaining sane. My mind is such a crazy mess in this game of life and this place of confusion into the journey to finding who I am and what I will become.