I see too many people blogging sad things and too many people being sad… I think we could help change that! :) Tomorrow try to make one (or more) people smile. Go out of your way to give them a compliment or just give them a kind smile to show them that you care. Just the little things that might just make their day so much better. :) And who knows it might just change their whole day. :)

So today was probably one of the best days I’ve had in forever and I’m glad I spent it with the people that matter to me :) awesome day and going on no sleep the past two days… -.- I’m drained sorry if I haven’t been online too much! I promise I will respond to messages and blog more tomorrow :) fuck yeah it’s summer!

This is it

it’s time to shine

the world ahead of you

and your fears behind.

The day moves fast

so hold on tight

this trip is a crazy ride.

face your fears

and conquer your goals

the sky’s the limit

and you’re in control.

live life to the fullest

and leave no regrets

master your skills

and face your fears.

reach your goals

and raise the bar

the world’s the paper

where you’ll leave your mark

your mind’s the pen

let out your thoughts within.

do your best

to light up the world

have your fun

and live life to the end.

~By Me, Myself, and I~