"Say that you want me (every day)
that you want me (every way)
that you need me
got me trippin’
super psycho love
Aim, (pull the trigger)
feel the pain (getting bigger)
go insane from the bitter feeling
trippin’ super psycho love"
- Simon Curtis - Super Psycho Love

Like honestly miss everything about you… the twinkle in your eye when you see me. The bright, shining smile that makes me melt. The glow around you that I can’t explain. The spark when our eyes connect. The feeling of love all around. And most of all I miss that indescribable feeling that I have when I’m with you… I just miss it all.

So today was probably one of the best days I’ve had in forever and I’m glad I spent it with the people that matter to me :) awesome day and going on no sleep the past two days… -.- I’m drained sorry if I haven’t been online too much! I promise I will respond to messages and blog more tomorrow :) fuck yeah it’s summer!

"I can see it in her eyes
When she turns to me and smiles
Everything feels so right
Until the morning light"

Basshunter - In Her Eyes